YOU are worthy of love, kindness, and respect.

YOU deserve to eat the food you enjoy and feel good in your body.

YOU are permitted to look different than the thin ideal and still receive and give love.

YOU deserve the same rights and compassion that other people receive even if society tells you otherwise.

YOU are amazing, and I’m pretty f*&%ing proud of you.

What's Intuitive Eating?

Loaded question. It looks different for each person. It is NOT a diet in any way. So, what does it mean exactly? Well, the authors of Intuitive Eating state this definition:

“Intuitive Eating is a dynamic mind-body integration of instinct, emotion, and rational thought. It is a personal process of honoring your health by paying attention to the messages of your body and meeting your physical and emotional needs. It is an inner journey of discovery that puts you front and center; you are the expert of your own body.”

I read that the first time and was like…WTF?  What if I crave only desserts? Or what if I gain weight and everything goes to shit? Interesting you should ask! Yes, WTF. No, you won’t only crave dessert (but you will still crave them if you like desserts and that’s FINE). And who knows what will happen to your weight! It might go up, down, or stay the same.

Health At Every Size

Health At Every Size (HAES) is a philosophy that supports individuals of all sizes to find what health looks like for them. As a clinician, I focus on the goals of each person including behaviors, self-care, and nutrition. We redirect the focus away from weight or weight loss as a means of health. You cannot simply look at someone and know how healthy or unhealthy they are based on their size. Together we look at everything that contributes to health. It's like an umbrella that covers everything from sleep to self-care, to movement. 

“The only way to solve the weight problem is to stop making weight a problem—to stop judging ourselves and others by our size. Weight is not an effective measure of attractiveness, moral character, or health. The real enemy is weight stigma, for it is the stigmatization and fear of fat that causes the damage and deflects attention from true threats to our health and well-being.” 
― Linda BaconHealth at Every Size


Hi, I’m Steph! I'm a registered dietitian and Intuitive Eating coach and I help people create food freedom and stop waging war on their bodies

I believe life is best lived with:

dessert, friends, dogs with human names (shout out to Bill + Ted),

and The Office.

And sushi.

And rap music, yoga, and rollerblading.

And food freedom.

I think life is best lived without some things too.

Like guilt and shame and fear.

And Diet Culture - and all of the ways that it makes us feel not good enough about who we are and how we’re nourished and what we look like.

I do my best to live my life without those things because I know exactly how it feels to be controlled by them. It sucks. It really, really sucks.

Somewhere along the way, I decided that my life was too awesome to waste it following arbitrary food rules and focusing on the size of my jeans. 

I've got more important things to do, and I need that brain space for enjoying my life!

You do too.

Let’s talk. I’ll share my dessert if you want 🙂 


“Stephanie gave me the chance to have my life back by educating and enlightening me on food myths and rules that surround us daily. Before Stephanie, I was stuck in a constant routine of dieting and restricting and a vicious eating disorder that was taking over my life. Now for the first time in years, I can trust my body and satisfy its’ needs without shame, guilt, or questioning.”

Lauren, Palm Beach Gardens FL

“For me, Stephanie was immediately recognizable as genuine and 100% committed to my needs and recovery. Our sessions contained the right mix of accountability, humor, and sincerity to assist my ed recovery and gradual development of intuitive eating. I‘m indebted to how she helped me discover freedom, both in eating and in myself.”

Sarah, West Palm Beach, FL


I met Steph during a time in my life where my relationship with my body and with food lacked trust. Everything I ate was being filed under a system of "good or bad/right or wrong" and movement was more often than not, a means to change my body vs. a joyful choice. Steph helped me to shift my beliefs around my body and food. The real gift is that what she offers is true healing and self-empowerment. I feel a freedom and love in my body that I couldn't have imagined. And desserts are ALWAYS allowed.  

Stef Osofsky, West Palm Beach, FL

As a result of my sessions with Stephanie, I was able to mend my
relationship with food and normalize my eating patterns, taking me
from a binge/restrict cycle to practicing how to be an intuitive eater
and how to trust that my body will guide me as to what it needs and
when. With Stephanie’s genuine support, I permitted myself to shift my
mindset from diet mentality to giving myself permission to enjoy food
without losing control. Stephanie reminded me that joyful movement
brings happiness as opposed to resentment, so I no longer feel
remorseful for not going to the gym and, instead, I engage in physical
activities that serve me. With her HAES approach, Stephanie taught me
how to let go of harmful beliefs I held about my body, including
feelings of shame and guilt, and how to make peace with my body and
appreciate it for what it does for me on a daily basis. Stephanie
worked with me to set customized, attainable goals in order to hold
myself accountable. Her style of teaching nutrition is superior to
others in that she is tremendously knowledgeable, patient, supportive,
and non-judgmental, all while incorporating her wit and sense of humor
which lightens up what many find to be a difficult topic.

Jill, Fort Lauderdale, FL

At Your Service

Learn how to form a relationship of trust in caring for your body, and nourish yourself with compassion, freedom, and gratitude.


If you've been diagnosed with, or suspect that you're struggling with an eating disorder, I can support that journey towards healing and I'm here to help.


Hire me to speak about intuitive eating and body kindness at your school, wellness space, office, book club, best friend's wedding - whatever!


No one can tell YOU what is going to nourish your body the best. You are your best dietitian/nutritionist. No diet, “lifestyle”, or specific way of eating will truly satisfy you because your body’s internal cues are your expert guide.


Honoring your cravings looks different every day, even hour to hour! To honor your hunger, satisfaction, and fullness is a form of self-care. 


I take really close up pictures of food. Because it's funny. I challenge you to your best guess.



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PS. Dead serious about The Office

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